Terms of sale

The photos, drawings, videos and/or text on this site are not copyright free. By confirming your order, you agree to the terms and conditions of use of the images in this document.

All photos, reports, drawings, videos and/or texts are considered a work protected by the provisions of the Code of intellectual property. You do not have the right to copyright licensing, exploitation rights are granted (rights of reproduction and distribution) according to the conditions described below.

Without prior consent from the IRD, transfer is valid for one publication or distribution only, in one language and one user, regardless of the medium. Any re-publication, re-diffusion or re-distribution to another title, database or to third parties without prior permission from the IRD is prohibited.

Any loss or deterioration in the case of presentation of an image by Indigo Base (slide or print) to a publisher or distributor, will be subject to compensation independent from the reproduction right agreed to in invoicing and will be determined by the value of the image.

Legal notice: any reproduction and/or representation must include the IRD copyright: IRD© followed by the first and last name of the author. If omitted, the sale price indicated by the IRD or the corresponding French reference scale will automatically be doubled; no opposition from the publisher or broadcaster will be accepted.

Authorized uses

  • For use in commercial and editorial publications with printing on newspapers, magazines, books, advertising brochures, catalogues and other printed product.
  • For digital use on web, CD, CD-ROM, DVD or video media.

Unauthorized uses

  • On web pages with the intention of downloading the image in HD by a third party.
  • The sale, loan, donation, lease of the image or part of the image.
  • The use of the image in pornography, defamatory, immoral or any other use that would contravene the laws in force in France and in the country where the image is used.
  • Any other use than those defined by the general conditions of sale.
  • Use of the image or part of this image for the creation of a logo, trademark or brand.
  • Use of an image or image portion representing a building, a brand, a monument or a commercial sign for non-editorial purposes, without the prior consent of the owner of the intellectual or commercial property rights or owner of the brand and the IRD.
  • Printing on postcards, calendars, greeting cards, posters or any other product is permitted if these items are used for promotional purposes only and not for resale as a retail item.


No image can be modified in any way whatsoever, without prior agreement from the IRD or their representative. Only adjustments necessary to the layout are authorised.

Any change in the image captions provided by Base Indigo commits the publisher or distributor to accept sole responsibility for the text and captions taken by their editorial initiative.

The copyright and/or representation sale of one or more images by the IRD does not exempt the assignee (user of images) to ensure that the rights of the people photographed or filmed, or those of the owners of works photographed or filmed are respected. The assignee is responsible for maintaining the image rights and privacy of the person photographed as part of the diffusion and publication of images on the media chosen.


The publisher or distributor agrees to send any evidence of publication or distribution to the IRD:

FAO: Daina Rechner and Christelle Mary

Base Indigo / IRD / DIC
Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
Direction de l'information et de la culture scientifiques pour le Sud
Le Sextant - 44 Bd de Dunkerque / CS 90009 13572 Marseille Cedex 02

Tel : 04 91 99 94 81 ou 94 82
Fax : 04 91 99 92 28


An invoice will be established on a nonexclusive basis for reproduction and/or representation rights according to the scale on the day of mailing of the publication or release on receipt of proof.

This Membership Agreement shall be interpreted according to French law on contracts entered into and executed in France. In case of disputes in connection with this contract or failure of execution, the parties entrust sole jurisdiction to the competent courts.